I know you've been juggling life's priorities for so long now you're exhausted.

You're aching to discover the secret to getting it all done.

You lay awake at night worrying that one day you'll realise you missed the important stuff.  

And you wonder what that is.

I believe the greatest thing you'll ever lead is your one great life and I am here to help you do that.

Karen Main
Welcome! I'm Karen Main.  As a Life Leadership Coach I'm here to support very busy women to design simpler lives of fulfilment rather than hectic lives of overwhelm. 

I strongly believe it is up to each of us to lead our own lives in ways that add meaning and purpose to ourselves and to the world.

I am committed to helping people discover their everyday riches, their untapped superpowers and I support them to step fully into the life of their dreams.

I offer my teachings in a variety of ways to enable coaching to reach everyone who needs it.

You can join me at a talk, a workshop an informal gathering or sign up for a private session and I will help you to design and lead a life that truly feels good.